Me (Fr. Chris) & BC during a LiveStream
Me (Fr. Chris) & BC during a LiveStream

Billy is a humble guy, so I thought I’d better tell you about this part of his work.

As one of southern rock’s most revered guitar players with a career that spans over 40 years, Billy Crain is a legend.  His blistering solos and slide guitar have earned him fans all over the world. But what stands out even more for me as his friend, is his heart. With all the success and accolades he has accumulated over the years, he has walked a difficult road.  You hear echoes of his experience in songs like “I Like Broken Things” where he speaks of: “Being born under a cloud of drugs and alcohol, the higher that they’d take me, the further I would fall.”  You hear about him sitting by the bedside of his dying father in in “Orphan”.  He sings, “I was 58 years old, he was the last parent waiting to go to heaven, now there are certain times I wanna call him on the phone, or drop in for a visit in what I called home…I’m an orphan, out here on my own…”  And in “Hard Places” he sings about the challenges faced by he and his wife Sandy, in adopting and raising two children born into very difficult circumstances.


Like I said, the man has heart. And he has a willingness to use his platform for good.


All the proceeds from “Hard Places” go to support The Papillion Center, a non-profit counseling center in Gallatin, TN that specializes in working with children and families in their own “Hard Places”.   His most recent album, “Broken Things” was written not long after returning from a mission trip to Honduras where Billy was greatly moved by the children and work being done at the Hope of Jesus Children’s Home.  All the proceeds from this album are going to support the important work being done there.


When I say “all the proceeds,” I mean ALL of it.  100% of the monies received on album sales goes to support these causes— he doesn’t even seek to recoup production costs!


This is truly Rock 4 A Cause.


So I’d encourage you to do a couple of things:


1.) Buy the CDs.  I know we’re a digital people now and you can listen on Spotify or Soundcloud.  But throw your support in the ring with Billy and purchase the music from his website.  Be a part of Rock 4 A Cause.


2.) Listen on Spotify.  It is the chief way people find artists today and the more people that know about Billy and his work, the better.  So please share the links both to his Spotify list as well as his website.


3.) Spread the Word.  Billy is the perfect combination of talent and heart.  Let others know about him!


I think this could grow into a wonderful movement and I pray you’ll help us make it a reality.




Fr. Chris Findley
Billy’s Jack of All Trades
Web Designer
Friend and Fan