They call them children from Hard Places. They might have been born addicted to drugs or alcohol. They might have been abused, neglected, or the victim of a difficult pregnancy. They might have been abandoned to live in a nursery in a foreign country or right here in the United States, and not received the proper nurturing needed. They might have been lost in the foster care system. All we know is that they haven't received the love that most normal children receive, and they have multitude's of personality disorders. My wife and I know it oh so well, as we have adopted two of those children from Hard Places. Eventually the whole family ends up being from Hard Places because of the difficulties of dealing with these children. Here at Slidebilly Records, we have decided to make a difference in these children's lives. Every penny that you spend on the new CD "Hard Places" will be donated 100% to the Papillion Center for FASD. They know how to help those from Hard Places. You can call us crazy because who gives away everything at a business? Well, we do. Please help us to make a difference in these children's lives, and in their family's lives, and may God Bless us all......

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